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I have nearly two decades of law enforcement experience, 18 of those years in Morgan County in positions including patrol, investigations, and jail services. I was placed in charge of those units respectively and promoted to the rank of Captain during this time. I was assigned to the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force and later the DEA performing narcotics investigations. I have extensive experience in K-9 highway drug interdiction and street level drug operations.

My belief is that successful personnel management requires a Sheriff that leads from the front, working with your Deputies. Not ordering your staff to do something that you're not willing to do and take charge, not allowing others to run this agency.


  • Provide fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • Restrict the flow of drugs through Morgan County
  • Return to patrolling I-20 and reduce traffic accidents and fatalities
  • Lease out the bed space in your 19 million dollar jail facility
  • Reduce your tax burden
  • Approachable and well trained Deputies
  • Leadership by your Sheriff
  • Conservative American values


Every contribution puts us a step closer to winning the election.

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